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Warehouse Capital Campaign

Building Better Basketball for Boys and Girls Jr. Dukes and Whitefish Bay

Welcome to The Warehouse Capital Campaign home page! We're excited to build a new home for both the Boys and Girls Jr. Dukes Basketball Program, but need your help bringing it to life! 


The combined Boys and Girls Jr. Dukes Board of Directors has agreed to sign a 5 year lease on “The Warehouse,” our practice facility in GlendaleUpon signing the lease the organization will raise funds to undertake significant improvements to the facility, including: 

  • Removal of interior beams and unused office space.
  • Creation of a regulation sized full-court, with wood grain sport court surface (along with two cement-floored half-courts).
  • Professionally painted and branded interior.
  • Upgrades to HVAC system and restrooms.
  • “Wish List” improvements (pending fundraising) include a professional scoreboard, adding a wood grain sport court floor to the two half-court spaces, portable bleachers and the addition of a concession area.
  • The end result will be an upgraded and high-quality facility the program can be proud to call home.


There are numerous advantages to this course of action. We now control our own destiny, since the club’s schedule will no longer be dependent on WFB School Gym availability.  This allows for:

  • Access to gym space throughout the year
  • Access to gym space on days when school facilities are closed (weekends, holidays, 2 week Christmas break, summer, concerts/assemblies, etc.)
  • An earlier start to the season
  • Earlier practice start times (today we cannot begin practices in WFB school facilities until 5:30), which also means less late night practice start times
  • More consistent practice schedules
  • The establishment of a formal 3rd grade program and creation of a local 3rd grade “league” in partnership with other area clubs
  • We can begin to offer revenue-generating programming (3rd grade league, rentals, camps, etc.)

Without the limitation of space, we expect to offer more programming, more player development and engage more kids in the game of basketball!


Interested in giving? Please contact Beth Wagner at or Nicole Miskel at to discuss donor levels and payment options. Or pay immediately through Venmo @beth-wagner-16 or by personal check made out to Jr. Dukes Basketball and deliver or mail c/o Jr. Dukes, 5570 N. Bay Ridge Ave., Whitefish Bay, 53217. 

Message from Chris Miskel


In order to further enhance the facility, we have an initial fundraising goal of $150,000. These funds will go to build out the space, as well as create an infrastructure for ongoing programming and development for the Jr. Dukes Basketball Club, benefitting both the Boys and Girls programs. 


Sponsorship Opportunities

Title Sponsor(s): Negotiable

  • Full facility naming (primary signage interior and exterior)
  • Lead recognition on all materials and events
  • Website takeover (lead banner)
  • Ongoing recognition through club communications and social media
  • Involved in decision-making for additional facility improvements
  • Custom requests available

Premier Sponsor: $10,000

  • Room/area naming (2 rooms available) -or- player jersey branding
  • Large court banner (8' x 12' - custom)
  • Recognition in all materials and events
  • Website banner

Courtside Sponsor: $5,000

  • Mid-size court banner (4' x 8' - custom)
  • Website banner
  • Recognition in materials

3-Point Sponsor: $1,000

  • Donor wall signage (4' x 4' - basketball with name)
  • Website recognition
  • Customized Dukes take-home sign

Lay-up Sponsor: $500

  • Donor wall signage (1.7' x 3' - jersey with name and number)
  • Website recognition
  • Customized Dukes take-home sign



Potential Questions

Why are we renting a space vs. using Whitefish Bay school gyms?
The reality is that we are incredibly limited on gym space in the District, and despite repeated attempts to gain better access to WFB gyms, we're behind both the school and the Rec Department in priority. In addition, we tend to compete with other community-based and non-community-based programs, further limiting access. Oftentimes we are bumped for other programs and events, and find ourselves canceling and/or scrambling to find more space. Also keep in mind, we were already renting space from several neighboring school districts and churches to round out or schedule.

Why would we pay to rent space when we can use the WFB school facilities?
Unlike many community-based clubs, the use of WFB gym space was never free of charge to the Jr Dukes. In  fact, in 2019 our two clubs paid approximately $30,000 to rent gym space from our district, the Bayside school district and the Jewish Day School. Furthermore, the quality of some of the WFB facilities is not conducive to player development.

We are the Whitefish Bay Jr Dukes, shouldn’t we practice where we live?
Jr Dukes Baseball, Softball, and other select clubs have long been practicing in locations outside of our Village boundaries. From the farthest point in WFB, the Warehouse facility in Glendale is only 5.5 miles (about a 15 minute drive). Additionally, this facility will allow us to make the space our own - a true home for WFB Jr. Dukes. 

What do the Varsity Head Coaches think of this decision?
Both Jon Schneider (girls) and John Ricciardi (boys) have been part of the decision-making process and are fully supportive of our plans for the Glendale facility. We've shared The Warehouse with their teams and players over the past year, and intend to do so in the years ahead. 

Won’t we still have to rent space in the WFB school gyms?
Yes, but only on a very limited basis. For example, 7th and 8th grade teams will likely have some practices in the High School Field House.

Do we have enough money to pay for the planned improvements?
We have enough in savings across the Boys and Girls programs to complete some of the improvements. With the help of the community (sponsors, supporters, families, local businesses) we are confident in our ability to quickly raise the additional funds needed, and complete all the improvements prior to the start of the 2021-2022 season.

Whitefish Bay Boys Basketball Club Sponsors

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Whitefish Bay Boys Basketball Club and support youth in your area.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Whitefish Bay Boys Basketball Club and support youth in your area.