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The Registration "Tournaments" is not currently available.

Beth Wagner

Phone: 4143051922

The Registration "Tournaments" is not currently available.

Nicole Miskel

Tournament Information

Tournament Format and Rules

  • All players must be in the same school district (No AAU Teams) WIAA Officials will be used 
  • 18-minute halves with a running clock except for the 2 minutes of each half  (continuous clock in 2nd half if over 20 point lead) 
  • 2‐minute half time is allowed 
  • Teams should stretch and be ready to play as we will be running games back-to-back.  Warm‐ups are as time permits. 
  • 3 full timeouts per game with 1 full timeout in overtime (no timeouts carry over from regulation) 
  • 2-minute overtime (when necessary) where clock stops on every dead ball 
  • 6th Grade: Man‐to-Man Defense only (NO ZONE). Help side defense is allowed and is at the discretion of the referees. No pressing until the final minute of each half.  Players are allowed to jump over free throw line. 
  • 7th-8th Grade: All defenses are allowed for entire tournament, including both zone and press. 
  • No pressing if the team is up by 15 or more points. 
  • Any technical foul is two points and the ball is awarded to the opponent.
  • Shoot bonus on 7 team fouls and double bonus on 10th team foul.
  • Please bring your own practice balls. 
  • Admission: 
    • Adults: $6 
    • Students and Seniors: $3 
    • Under Age 5: FREE 
  • We provide scorers so families can enjoy the games.
  • Players must be listed on the roster, with only 12 players receiving awards when  applicable.
  • Awards given for 1st, 2nd and consolation.

Whitefish Bay Jr Dukes Basketball Club Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor of Whitefish Bay Jr Dukes Basketball Club? 

Sponsored by Brodersen Family

Brodersen Family

Visit Website

Many thanks to the Brodersen Family for their premier sponsorship of The Warehouse! Their generous donation allowed us to install a fully functioning sport court and make several modifications to the space. 


We are incredibly grateful for all they have done for Jr Dukes and The Warehouse!

Sponsored by Miskel Family

Miskel Family

Visit Website

The Miskel Family's leadership and generosity is what made this initiative possible! From the beginning, Chris and Nicole helped bring this vision to fruition. Without them, we wouldn't have this amazing Facility!

Balthasar Family

The Balthasar Family not only provided funds to make sure The Warehouse became a reality, they also dedicate countless hours to coaching and and volunteering both on and off-season.

Burkemper Family

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Without the Burkemper Family, the Warehouse would not have become a reality! Coach Burkemper's company led the construction efforts, and guided the the project from design through to completion. 

Gerard Family

The Gerard Family's generous donation allowed us to complete some critical areas of The Warehouse, including the film room and other finishing touches.